Reusable Weather Enclosure Systems (RWES)

Changing the game for construction site protection

Let’s be honest: conventional weather enclosures, hoarding systems, and site protection methods have always had some major problems. They’re plain and unattractive. They waste valuable time, money, and materials. They’re expected to fail from the start, making any investment an immediate loss. Plus, you can’t customize them to your site or brand them with your logo.

These are the issues that GNB’s new Reusable Weather Enclosure System was designed to address. Our innovative construction envelopes lead the industry in protection of people and equipment, with tightly-fitted panels that are fully customizable in layout, color, and size. They can be coated with flame retardant to suit your working environment, as well as being mold- and water-resistant. Plus, with plenty of interior light transfer, extremely fast deployment and cleanup, a 98% weathertight seal, and a life expectancy of up to 7 years, it’s an investment that will add immense value – not only for your current project, but many more to come.