Weather Resistant Construction Tarps
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What Is A Construction Tarp?

Traditional construction tarps are designed to protect a construction site and its materials. A construction tarp is intended to cover raw materials on a building site, act as temporary wall barriers, and protect building contents and job sites from weather damages. The problem with traditional construction tarps like poly and plastic, is that they are expected to fail, rather than being designed to succeed.

Traditionally, construction tarps are made from plastic or poly material. These materials do not typically hold up very well against unfriendly weather conditions, take excessive time to install, rip easily, and look unprofessional. Plastic and poly tarps do work but are significantly outperformed by GNB’s Reusable Weather Enclosure System (RWES). RWES is easily the superior option to plastic or poly tarps and upgrades the appearance and functionality of your job site. Each panel is developed with your unique needs by our team but you can select the specifics for your job site; including colour, branding, and sizing.

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Benefits of GNB RWES

Installs quickly

Installing traditional construction tarps can be frustrating; with RWES, you are able to install the product 40-60% faster than other tarps. You can install thousands of sq. ft. of RWES per day! Each panel is customized to fit your job site requirements but can be reused on a number of sites.


Most job sites have great public visibility, traditional construction tarps are huge plots of unused advertisement space. Typically, it is difficult and expensive to include branding on a disposable plastic tarp. With RWES Construction Tarps, you can add your logo (or text) to the system, and because our material is sturdy and reusable, it makes for the perfect location to advertise your brand.

Never requires work

Unlike plastic and poly, RWES has easily accessible openings for job site entry and exit. You will never have to make alterations to the panel or worry about repairs. RWES is incredibly durable unlike traditional plastic and poly alternatives.

99% weather seal

Rainy and snowy conditions can prolong construction on buildings. When you have RWES from GNB, you will feel secure knowing that our 99% weather seal keeps Mother Nature away from your construction site and all its contents.

85% natural light transfer

One of the key benefits of RWES is that natural light is easily passable through our material while privacy remains. During sunlit hours, interior construction zones are provided with exceptional lighting and protection!

Withstand heavy winds

Windy conditions on job sites will shred traditional construction tarps, rendering them useless. RWES are made from thick, durable materials designed to withstand strong wind conditions up to 100 mph.

Learn more about how RWES has changed the game when it comes to construction site protection.

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