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Construction Site Weather Protection Done Right!

Weather conditions on construction sites can range from fairly calm to extreme in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the higher elevation the site is, the more harsh the weather. Capricious weather conditions can dramatically affect the construction timeline. RWES significantly reduces construction downtime and expenses, allowing you to build on time and on budget. Investing in a dependable and reliable protective weather shield and Dry-In option is always a great idea for any construction company or building team.

You can have any old weather protection, of course, but most traditional construction site protection products are made from cheap plastic or poly and are discarded after each project (or sometimes during the project) is complete or until they wear out. Other sturdier materials, like plywood, take ages to install and uninstall, are poor when it comes to light transfer, and are difficult to customize.

GNB has created a solution to the issue of weather protection on construction sites – Reusable Weather Enclosure Systems (RWES). RWES is a customizable, reusable tension system that blocks out 99% of weather conditions upon installation. Each panel is easily installed and designed to last. Once you finish up at one job site, pack up your RWES and take it to the next.

Our systems are manufactured to last for over seven years.

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Save Yourself From Unforeseen Weather Problems

RWES Weather Stats:

An RWES provides customers with an environment suitable for work no matter the weather conditions outside.

We know you have construction deadlines and an RWES can help you meet those independent of poor and unpredictable weather conditions. Just to give you a better idea of what you’re working with, here is how RWES stands up to the following elements.

Construction Weather Protection from the Sun

RWES is extremely effective in sunny climates and the natural light transfer properties allow for 85% natural light transfer. Additionally, RWES panels can be insulated with an effective R-value of R8 to keep your construction site cool in extreme heat.

Construction Weather Protection from the Rain

Rain and hail are no match for RWES. Our patented construction weather protection system has a 99% weather seal once installed, ensuring all of the contents of your site are kept dry and secure from mother nature.

Construction Weather Protection from the Snow USA

RWES’ effectiveness is not conditional on temperature; in fact, it holds up great in climates below freezing, unlike plastic alternatives.

Construction Weather Protection from Intense Wind USA

Conditions can get extremely windy on any construction site. Wind wreaks havoc on site productivity and can often delay and stop building completely. RWES outperforms plastic when it comes to wind resistance boasting control in windstorms over 100 mph.

RWES is Dependable, Predictable, Reliable.

Set it and Forget it!

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RWES withstands all types of weather (high winds, rain, snow, sleet etc).
RWES brings peace of mind to construction professionals and allows you to divert your 100% attention to delivering on your client’s final project, and that’s all that matters. You have one job which is delivering the final building to your client and messing around with an enclosure is a complete drain on time, money, and construction site safety. Effectively, we have become a scheduling tool that brings you predictability to your end delivery date with a system that doesn’t fail…

What other suppliers can prove that to you?

Your system will not fail you and your construction site will look more professional than you could imagine… You’re a professional company – it’s time your sites look the same.

Now that you can have a professional worksite, pump up your branding with unrivaled branding opportunities with your enclosure. Turn it into a billboard to boast how awesome and progressive you guys really are.

Some companies follow, some companies lead – which one are you really?

It’s because of companies like you that we exist, let’s get in touch and chat about what RWES can do for you.

Why would you want to continue filling our landfills and throwing money away when our superior system not only performs better than you can even comprehend – but you can use it for several years on this or other projects? We have one earth and you can only spend the same dollar once – it’s time you put that money to work for you for years. Our world has become too disposable in almost all facets of our lives, RWES greatly reduces that.

We’re selling you peace of mind and the next time we have sh**ty weather come through, we’re phoning you the next day only to remind you how great you must’ve slept last night knowing you have the protection of RWES. Yes – we will, and you’ll thank us >>>> We just won’t charge you for that extra comfort.

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