See How RWES Is Changing The Game For Construction Site Protection


Leave Plastic Site Enclosures in the Past

It’s time to establish a new standard for enclosures on construction sites. Plastic, plywood, and other traditional materials are time-consuming to install, expensive, wasteful, and very limited in their ability to match your site’s specific needs, such as access doors or repairing sections.

RWES solves all these problems, and many more, by being built to last rather than built to fail. Clean and well-fitted, it’s a professional-looking envelope that broadcasts your quality and attention to detail to everyone around, while offering top-of-the-line protection to all the people and materials inside it. And it’s fully reusable – saving more material from the landfill, and saving you money for years after the initial purchase.

The Benefits of Using RWES

Built to Perform RWES Icon
Engineered to Outperform
Our tight envelopes protect your building, materials, and equipment from harsh and unpredictable weather. It’s capable of withstanding hurricane-force winds, maintaining a 98% weathertight seal, and resisting mold, fire, and water damage.
Design Flexibility RWES Icon
Design Flexibility
Using pipe pockets, lashing winches, and heat seams, we can add real access doors wherever you like, with the ability to repair the panels afterward when moving to new sites. Pockets along the bottom of each panel can be height-adjusted to fit your exact needs.
Professional Look RWES Icon
Professional Look
The fitted enclosure looks significantly cleaner and much more professional than plastic or wood pieces. Choose your company colors, print your own logos (or any other image) on the material, and take advantage of weeks or months of free advertising.
Bright Interior RWES Icon
Bright Interior
The material of the RWES lets in up to 85% of natural light, keeping your site’s interior well-lit without needing as many installed fixtures. Plus, during night hours the lights reflect off the internal fabric, so you get better interior visibility with less overall lighting needed.
Quick to Install Icon RWES
Quick to Install and Remove
The RWES extrusion system attaches the panels to steel, wood, concrete, and I-beams, making each end of the process easier. You can install 900 sq. ft. in less than an hour, with full installations only 40-60% of the cost of using conventional enclosures.
RWES Reuseable Icon
Environmentally Responsible
The panels are easy to take down, and can be reused on other projects, saving you money and saving the environment. The panels can be easily repaired or modified without compromising on quality or protection, and are designed for easy storage, where they can last 5-7 years.