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  • RWES Install speed is 50-80% faster than conventional poly and tarps and can be used to install  15000 sq2  per day with only a 4 person crew.
  • Did you know RWES dismantle speed is 70% faster than conventional poly and tarps? You can dismantle 25000 sq2 per day with only a 4 person crew.
  • On average, GNB RWES reduces construction site waste by 50% and as much as 70% in windy locations.
  • GNB RWES is C2C certified, so we manufacture a product with a positive impact on people and the planet.
  • Our patented weather enclosures system withstands 100 mph winds and has been engineered to withstand winds as high as 148 mph!
  • Each panel is handcrafted and custom-designed for your specific site’s needs. Additionally, each panel goes through rigorous testing and requires multiple quality control signatures before leaving our factory.
  • Insulated RWES panels are extremely effective for maintaining moderate interior site temperatures and are effective R-8. They work extremely well to cool down sites in extreme heat while keeping site temperatures much warmer in colder conditions.
  • Our patented construction site protection system, RWES, can be fully customized including panel colors, size, shape, and can also be branded with your logo or any specific wording or text that you would like.

For these reasons, we personally guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. If you feel otherwise, we will personally fly out to your site to make it right. That is the GNB Guarantee.

Signed, Alex Lentowich (Co-President), Ryan Hunter (Co-President)

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