RWES Weather Enclosure System: Changing the Game

At GNB Global, we are so confident that RWES is the best weather enclosure in the world, that all orders come with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. RWES is completely reinventing the game when it comes to construction site protection by providing superior protection while reducing supply chain delays and labor costs due to enclosure setup and takedown. 

Construction Weather Protection

Our innovative construction weather protection solutions are now the leading solution in protecting your people, equipment and materials at your construction site. Our system features fully tensioned panels that can be 100% fully customizable for color, layout, text, and you can even add on your logo. Our panels are also mold-resistant and resistant to extreme weather conditions like hurricane winds. Our deployment and installation rates are lightning-fast, there is no cleanup necessary, and they also feature plenty of light transfer. Our reusable weather enclosure system also features a 98% watertight seal and a life expectancy of 7 years or more. This investment will give you a great return and immense value not just for your current project but for more to come. 

With RWES, you can leave harmful and environmentally unfriendly plastic site enclosures on the curb. At GNB, we have decided that it is time to create some new standards in the industry to maintain your construction site. When you go with plastic, poly, or other traditional enclosures, they will have time-consuming, expensive, and wasteful installations. On top of all of that, they are designed to fail in protecting your site and its materials. 

The good news is that RWES can take care of all these issues and even address many more that you didn’t even think of. This is because our patented weather enclosure system is designed to last many years without fail. With a clean design that conveys professionalism to you, your workers, and anyone who visits or passes by—at the same time, offering top-notch protection to everybody and all materials that enter the building. Plus, RWES is fully reusable, meaning that you will be saving materials from entering the landfill each time you move sites. This also helps you save a ton of money year after year since the initial purchase. 

Construction Wall Barriers

Our envelopes and construction wall barriers are designed to protect your building, materials, and equipment against inclement weather conditions. It can even withstand hurricane-level winds, maintain a weather-tight seal, and is resistant to mold, fire, and damage from water. There is an 85% natural light transfer while still maintaining a high level of privacy. During the daytime, interior construction zones will have great lighting and protection simultaneously.